NYC Hair Stylists

Calling all haircare gurus! When it comes to hair stylists-there is definitely no shortage of them, especially here in the city. So coming from the girl whose hair has been brown, blonde, and now red…I have seen my fair share of hair colorists! But for cut and color, I can confidently tell you I have found my personal favorite ladies here in NYC! So if you’re a local New Yorker, give them a try! They won’t disappoint!
I was seeing Amy MoscowitzΒ at the Red Door Spa. However, as of recently my girl Amy has started a new career path and journey, and she will no longer be at Red Door. However, I recently was able to find someone that Amy recommended and had worked with the past- Melissa at Cutler Salon in SoHo! She was able to do a dry cut like Amy did, which I prefer for my hair and she was amazing! I’ve never had the urge to cut my hair to shoulder length or shorter- I know it’s a trend these days but sorry not sorry. So she was able to trim it without feeling like too much was cut off, and she is literally a master when it comes styling. Beachy waves for the win!
Miranda Shaffer Adel Atelier
Image from
As I mentioned earlier, I have gone to SO many different colorists, from being blonde to dirty blonde to red. And most are not consistent or don’t understand what I want to accomplish. Low and behold, Miranda saved this redhead! She really takes the time to ask and understand what color you want before mixing everything in the bowl.
If you all ever get a chance to see either of these amazing boss babes, let me know how it went! Where are your favorite places for hair color and/or styling??

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